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BD Hernia Symposium

Attending The BD Hernia Symposium

As an expert Palmdale hernia surgeon, Dr. Lemus-Rangel made sure to attend the 2019 BD Hernia Symposium in Arizona.

What is the BD Hernia Symposium?

The BD Hernia Symposium is a 3-day medical conference held in Phoenix, Arizona by Bard Davol. The Symposium is limited to healthcare professionals with a genuine interest in learning more about advanced hernia procedures. The BD Hernia Symposium also features an innovation area featuring the Robotic da Vinci Surgical System. This allows interested surgeons to get up close and personal with the machine. Getting more familiar with professionals and the advanced tools that they use is just one benefit of attending medical conferences.
Simposio de Hernia BD

Learn About Healthcare Reforms

Healthcare laws are important if you are trying to become a professional in the field. Also, medical conferences are a great place to learn about the laws that might affect you and your practice. You can also learn about what other medical professionals are doing to prepare for these healthcare reforms. Furthermore, if you work in the healthcare profession in any capacity, learning about these laws will benefit you. 

Great For Job Seekers

As with any conference, medical conferences are a great place to network. You will be able to engage with the speakers and other attendees. The people you meet at these conferences can become very valuable to your career during your job seeking endeavors. Additionally, you will also see recruiters at these medical conferences. Understand that you won’t be able to meet everyone that attends the conference, but exchanging numbers with just a few people is enough to help you in your job search.

About Dr. Lemus-Rangel

Dr. Lemus-Rangel is a Palmdale hernia surgeon that understands that attending medical conferences will help him better treat his patients. Make sure to follow Dr. Lemus-Rangel on his FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates about hernia surgery.

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