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Tips To Help Prevent Hernias

Tips To Help Prevent Hernias

Hernias occur when a section of your organ, or intestine, bulge through sections of a muscle that has become weakened over time. The most common type of hernia is an external hernia, which is when the bulge is prominently seen on the outside of one’s body, especially in the lower abdomen.

Not all types of hernias are preventable, however, but our Palmdale surgeon has a couple of tips to help reduce the chances of a hernia:

Be physically active

Make sure you are being physically active, especially doing the right exercises. You don’t want to do any exercises that are too strenuous. Some examples of the right exercises you could be doing are yoga, pilates, aerobics, or even light weights. The point is to be physically active while not putting too much pressure on your abdomen.

Incorporate fiber

Try to incorporate fiber in your diet. Fiber can lead to regular and easier bowel movements, which therefore prevents constipation. Constipation only puts more pressure on your stomach when pushing, which makes you more prone to hernias. Fibrous foods include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes and beans.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Avoid Heavy Lifting

There is a difference between heavy lifting in workouts, and lifting too heavy. Make sure you are not overexerting yourself and causing too much strain in your abdomen. If you are going to lift anything heavy, make sure you can lift it comfortably. Lifting something extremely heavy contracts the muscles in your abdomen and pushes them out. If you really must lift something heavy, do not bend at your waist, but bend your knees and lift instead. By lifting with your knees, you are putting more pressure on your knees and legs – stronger body parts than your torso or abdomen.

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