Full body Renewal: Minimally invasive body contouring

Advanced body contouring & Refinement procedure with RFAL Technology

We all strive to look and feel our best. Diet and exercise are the cornerstone of staying fit, but sometimes that is not enough.
Now you have the answer: BodyTite.

Change your Body, Change your Life

Body Tite - front Dr Lemus-Rangel beforeBody Tite - front Dr Lemus-Rangel after

This minimally-invasive aesthetic solution enable patients to live their most beautiful lives without the lengthy surgical scars or downtime. People who want to contour, lift, and tone their abdominal area can now do so with a small incision point.

BodyTite provide unprecedented skin contraction, up to 36% as shown in peer-reviewed clinical studies. The procedure also addresses loose skin typically remaining in the treatment area that other treatments cannot target. The result is a nicely contoured/toned body.

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  • Deep and safe fractional treatment penetrating up to 4mm with an additional thermal profile of up to 2mm.
  • Advanced design creates extremely uniform effect.
  • Little to no thermal damage to dermis.
  • Safe on skin type VI with little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
Morpheus Treatment by Dr. Rafael Lemus-Rangel
Morpheus Treatment - Dr. Rafael Lemus-Rangel

The Confidence to be Uniquely You…

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Have Questions about Bodytite?
We’ve Got Answers!

Normally, a Bodytite procedure is approximately 1 hour in length.

Most patients are able to see some results right away, however most results are visible by 1 month after the procedure (once most of the swelling has gone down) and then complete results are normally visible in 3 months.

Normally the down time after the procedure is only 1 day. Many patients find it convenient to have the procedure done on a Friday and are able to return to work on Monday.

Many patients are capable of driving themselves home after the procedure. We do, however, highly recommend you bring a friend or family member to your appointment to drive you home afterwards.

Local anesthesia is required in other to provide a pain free procedure. No general anesthesia is used. Patients are completely awake and relaxed during the procedure.

You should not feel any pain during the procedure. Some patients report feeling some pressure at times but not pain. After the procedure you should expect some soreness that is alleviated by Tylenol or Motrin.

There will be 2-4 very small scars (less than 1cm), they are often located in the lower abdomen or around the belly button and are often very difficult to see once healed.

We recommend you shower before you come to your procedure appointment. You will be able to shower again the day after your procedure and everyday after that.

We highly recommend patients use an abdominal binder after the procedure. This binder should be used for the first 2 weeks all the time. This will ensure the best results while minimizing soreness. You are welcome to bring your own or if you would prefer we provide you with one please let us know ahead of time.

Requiring a second procedure is highly unlikely. Most patients get the results the desire after only one procedure.